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The secret to taking action

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to take action on something you really really want to achieve, create, or produce? I have.

I’m such a planner, a goalsetter, a dreamer, and a cheerleader. I can do all of that for myself and for others in my sleep. It’s what I believe to be my calling.

But there’s one problem. I often get stuck at that next, very important step that leads to the result I’m striving for.

Taking action.

And do you know why? Because I was scared.

I’ve now figured out how to overcome my fears in order to take action and ultimately achieve my goals, and I want to share that secret with you.

Step 1 - Extinguish the fear

Ask yourself what is the worst case scenario in this situation?

Now this is where you have to get real with yourself.

Are you going to become homeless?

Will you be without clean drinking water?

Will you die?

NO! You are going to be fine - and that is the truth!

Our brains want to keep us safe so it comes up with some really scary stories to keep us from being uncomfortable, which only perpetuates the lack of action.

In order to achieve, create and produce we have to operate from a place of abundance.

Step 2 - So instead of thinking about that worse case scenario, think about the best… really let yourself think/dream about it.

Believe in that BEST case scenario, even if right now you think it sounds delusional. Listen, everything we think and dream about IS delusional until it isn’t.. Right?

Here are the personal and professional goals I’m currently working on:

  • Weigh 155 lbs. by Dec. 15 🗓 (c’mon.. I’m 5’9 so that’s realistic for this chick)

  • Achieve my first $30K 💰 month in SheStyle income before the end of the year (this is just the tip of the iceberg - stay tuned for 2019 goals) 💪

  • Only drink (alcohol) on “protocol” ie: It has to be planned for (no impromptu happy happy happy hours)🍷🍷

That’s probably more info than you wanted or needed to know but I’m divulging it so I can better illustrate these concepts.

Before I started working towards these goals I had to do some mind management to make sure I was building from a solid foundation.. Simply doing the actions isn’t sustainable.

You must start at step 1. Extinguishing any fears associated with what you want to accomplish.

Setting a goal to weigh 155 lbs by December 15 was riddled with fear. My brain told me all sorts of stories to keep me safe and comfortable.. It sounded something like this: people are going to judge me for trying to lose weight (again). What if I don’t lose it, I’ll just prove to myself and all the judgey wudgeys out there that I can’t and won’t ever be able to do it. It’s so hard and I hate feeling deprived.

My other two goals had just as many, if not more silly, fear based stories attached to them. So I had to do the hard work of asking myself “what is the worst case scenario of trying to accomplish this goal? Well if the answer is “I don’t achieve it” then that puts me right back where I am now, which isn’t terrible. I’m NOT going to die. But I will tell you that if I don’t try I AM ONLY FAILING AHEAD OF TIME… so that is definitely not the answer.

I decided my compelling reasons (check out my next blog on how to create compelling reasons) were way worth the risk of my worst case scenario.

Ta Da - I extinguished my fear!

The second step of believing that I already have what I want is fun. Take on that new identity as that person. Your brain says “this is going to happen so I need to get to work to figure out how” and “what can I do today to make this happen”.

From this place you get to enjoy the abundance of your life - you get to enjoy the journey of what is possible.

To summarize, taking massive action towards any goal is important but it follows the very important foundational steps of extinguishing your fears around that goal, taking on the new identity of the person who has already achieved the goal, and achieving, creating and producing ON A DAILY basis from a place of abundance.

Reviewing your thoughts, and feelings about any circumstance or goal is the key to living an optimal life.

Check out my other blogs on mind management and how it can help you grow a successful business or join the SheSuite, my free, private facebook group for SHE-E-O's.

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