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Mind Management Hack

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Did you know that you choose how you feel? It may be a subconscious choice, but you do!

All of our emotions are created in our mind. Emotions do not happen TO us, we create them by how we think.

This concept can be hard to reconcile because it’s counter to what society has raised us to believe. Modern day media feeds us example after example as to how an experience or a material object (house, car, food, clothes etc.) will make us feel different/better. We inturn buy into that belief and we start the chase of something external to become happy or feel differently.

There are 5 component that exist in the world - and you can take ANYTHING that happens in your life and plug it into the proper category. These categories are sequential and build off of each other to get your result.

The 5 components are:

  • Circumstances- Facts of the world that you have no control over

  • Thoughts- Sentences in your mind about a circumstance

  • Feeling- A vibration in our body caused by a thought in our mind

  • Action- Our behavior, what we do or don’t do

  • Result- The effect of our actions -what happens in our life because we did or didn’t take action

Once you understand the categories and how they interact with one another you can manifest different thoughts, feelings, actions and results.

Here are the steps you need to take to change ANY result in your life:

Ask yourself what is the problem?

An answer may be: I feel frustrated - Plug “frustrated” into the Feeling category

Now ask yourself why am I feeling frustrated - Plug your answer into the Thought category

Now ask yourself what is this thought about - Plug this into the Circumstance category

Now ask yourself when I feel this way what do I do - Plug this into the Action category

And finally, ask yourself when I do that thing, what happens, what is the effect - Plug this into the Result category

Your result will always be evidence of that initial thought - which is always optional.

HACK: Change the thought to something better serving (and believable) and re-run the model. You will notice that the entire model changes.

The facts (circumstance) always stay the same, but the other categories will change based on your new thought.

By doing this exercise [daily] you will see that your experiences change. You can apply this mind management hack to all areas of your life. This worksheet will help you!

This exercise proves that your circumstances DO NOT cause your feelings, it’s your thoughts about the circumstance that causes your feelings. By inserting a new thought, your entire experience changes, often creating life changing results.

The most powerful truth in life is you can have any feeling you want if you can find a thought you believe that will create it - everything you feel is a choice my friend, and that is great news! I will break this concept down further over the course of the next 4 weeks when we dive deeper into circumstances, thoughts, feelings, and actions.

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