• Tracy


Updated: Aug 22, 2018

What is a circumstance?

A circumstance is the top line of our mind management model. It is super important that we understand the difference between a circumstance and a thought so we can use the model effectively.

Circumstances in the world are things we do not have direct control over.

Examples include other people’s behavior, the weather, the political climate, death, taxes, other people’s illnesses, our past etc.

A circumstance can not cause us pain. No matter how horrific your past, no matter how horrible an event, the only thing that causes us emotional pain is the thoughts we have about it.

There is great power in accepting what we can not change.. But understand that accepting does not mean condoning, it just means we are not pushing against it.

So when you plug the circumstance into your model, remember that it is neutral, there is no emotional charge to it.

We will unpack this next part of the model, your thoughts, next week!

Until then, join the discussion in the SheSuite, my private facebook group where She-E-O’s unpack these concepts and apply them to their life and careers.

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